Month: June 2015

Our messy, beautiful world

Our world is not a neat and tidy place. If you’ve been in my family room, you know. But outside of my little home, it isn’t neat and tidy there either.  There are not baskets and bins to separate emotions and beliefs and, most importantly, people. We all live here together, doing the best we can. Our world is full of love, hope, anger, … Read More Our messy, beautiful world

A Good Place

There are always going to be the naysayers. It’s difficult not to listen to them, especially when one of them is the voice in your head. What did we know about owning land?  I grew up on 10 acres, but we didn’t have any animals, other than a couple of mutts with Serbian names.  I would help my mom in the garden occasionally, but … Read More A Good Place


“My dad says your house is on wheels.” One of our first guests after we moved into our new home was Eva, one of Maia’s good friends.  She looked up at me with those big black eyes, and uttered those words completely straight-faced, like she was telling me two plus two equals four. “Yes, Eva,” I said with a smile and a little laughter, “your dad is right.” That … Read More Home

A New Beginning – 2

I thought, I can do anything for a couple of years.  In the scale of a lifetime, a couple of years is a blip, especially when you have 2 small kids.  Time seems to move so fast, so a couple of years, no problem.  I can do this.  I can live anywhere for a couple of years. When trying to find a shelter to … Read More A New Beginning – 2


A New Beginning

I’d been waiting for the doctor to sign for about 15 minutes.  That’s typical in the life of a drug rep, standing in the back of the office hallway, waiting for the doctor to sign for samples.  That’s when I heard her voice: “You’re the drug rep that bought the Richardson farm, aren’t you?”  My head turned to the side – I saw a … Read More A New Beginning

A Day in May

I remember thinking, I’ll turn off here and drive Mt. Gilead home.  There was really no reason to do so.  I was in Brown County for work and Mt. Gilead was not on the way home. At the time, we lived in a sweet, little bi-level in a subdivision on the south side of Bloomington, Indiana.  But something was pulling me that way.  So I … Read More A Day in May