Month: August 2015

The Run

It’s so easy to get carried away. The job, the committees, the extra-curricular activities. So easy to fill our time.  To be productive.  To do more. So easy to fill our childrens’ time.  To make them into accomplished students, musicians, athletes. This life, it goes so quickly.  What was once the walk has turned into the run. The run to get from here to there. … Read More The Run

This Life

It doesn’t happen all at once and that helps to make it easy. The gradual pulling away, the hugs slightly less long, the more of “I can do it, Mom.” It’s a beautiful thing to see these lives change and blossom into what they will be, growing into the people they are. A gorgeous sight, when watching your child from a distance, when they’re … Read More This Life

On Enough

The cream almost empty, but the jiggling of the carton proves enough for morning coffee. The broken shoelace, but if removed from one eyelet, enough to tie for a run before buying new. The market flowers lovely, but the wild ones by the side of the road fill my pitcher. The tiny hole in the toiletry bag, with a quick whipstitch is made whole … Read More On Enough

For All of Those Being Dropped Off At College This Week….

I remember being in the fifth grade and our teacher going around the class, asking everyone what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Each person stood up and said things like, ‘doctor’ and ‘football player’.  And each time, the teacher would say, “That’s wonderful!  Then you should go do that.”  She said the same to me when I said I wanted to … Read More For All of Those Being Dropped Off At College This Week….

With What You Have

I have to admit, I was taken aback by her question.  It was blunt, to the point, and it caught me off guard.  I mean, we were standing in the chip aisle at Target.  She said, “Seja, I was reading your blog and I have to ask because we’ve known each other a long time and I just have to know…how do you afford … Read More With What You Have