Month: October 2015

The Hard Things

I was feeling nervous that morning, but I wasn’t sure why. I was getting ready to meet my boss in the lobby of the hotel he stayed in the night before.  Being a sales rep meant having your manager ride along in your car with you about once a month.  It was the same as any other morning I would meet with him before … Read More The Hard Things

The Contrast

The wind is blowing hard tonight.  I hear the whistle of it in our little space.  The walls keep us warm, but the rain and wind outside remind us of how thin they are. I open the door and the lack of eaves leaves rain on my skin.  Small waterfalls roll off the roof, leaving drops on my hair and glasses. The girls run … Read More The Contrast

My People

“What is a good time for me to come pick up my people?” My dear friend was dropping her kids off to play with mine while she took care of some things at work.  And it was great for me too – I could get some things done around the house besides snack making and fight-refereeing with my girls having friends over. She asked the question about a … Read More My People