Month: November 2015


She was 95 when she died. But the life she lived and experienced in those 95 years. Born in 1920 in Lipovo, Polje, Yugoslavia, Manda Beslac, a young Serbian girl, fled with her brother to escape the horrors of World War II.  You see, the Nazis didn’t really approve of Orthodox Christians, either. With one loaf of bread given by her mother and a prayer … Read More Home

To Be Tired At the End of the Day

I want to be tired at the end of the day. To get my hands dirty.  For them to look like my little girl’s when she gets home from a day at school, with traces of paint and dirt under her fingernails, showing the remnants of work and fun that she has had. To try something new.  To have to use my mind in a … Read More To Be Tired At the End of the Day