Month: December 2015

Feelings First

Preparing for an ending and a new beginning. The close of one year, the beginning of another. The List of Resolutions. The List of Resolutions. Instead of a “To Accomplish” list or a “To Acquire” list….. A Feelings List. Put the latter, first. Because maybe all of the Accomplishments and all of the Acquires are there to bring us all of the feelings. Putting … Read More Feelings First

How Do I Find You?

I wasn’t prepared for her to ask the question.  And I felt a roller coaster of emotion when I heard the words come from her mouth.  She said them even before she put her backpack down after walking in the door, returning home from school. “Hi Mom.  If a man with a gun comes to our school, how do I find you?” And there … Read More How Do I Find You?