Feelings First

Preparing for an ending and a new beginning.

The close of one year, the beginning of another.

The List of Resolutions.

The List of Resolutions.

Instead of a “To Accomplish” list or a “To Acquire” list…..

A Feelings List.

Put the latter, first.

Because maybe all of the Accomplishments and all of the Acquires are there to bring us all of the feelings.

Putting the Feelings first and letting the accomplishments and the acquired’s come after.

Maybe they weren’t necessary at all.


2016.  Feelings, Not Resolutions.

To feel strong.  Runs to the top of the hill instead of turning around before.

To feel comfort.  More rainy afternoons or cold nights, a blanket, a girl snuggled,  books, coffee.

To feel accomplished.   The ground turned, a garden,  nourishment growing where there was none.

To feel pretty.   The scent of fresh air that lingers on hair and skin after an hour in the cold.

To feel generous.  Meals prepared for my family, for friends, for anyone.

To feel miracles and magic daily.   The car that starts when I turn the key.  My feet on the warm carpet after a night’s rest.  The jeans now too small on my taller overnight girl.

To feel loved.     Moments with my husband.     Moments with my friends.  Moments with my mother.

The feelings first and then what will bring them.


Look into the nature of desire, and there is boundless light.                                                     -Tibetan yogi






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