Month: February 2016

Even Neil Would Like This Version…

Ahh, spring.  So close yet still so far away –  us Midwesterners still flocking south for a taste of it before it is here in all of its warm, glow-y love. Here is a beginning of spring, sun-shining, top-down-if-you-have-a convertible song – a remake of Harvest Moon. As Joe says, even Neil would like this version. Enjoy. Light and Love, Seja

There’s a Galaxy of Experiences

When a young boy starts having seizures that keep him home from school, both he and his mom have newfound perspectives on life. Light and Love, Seja

Welcome to My Loving Room

Negativity in our media. Stories of sadness, separation, loss. I am casting that out from my little space and making it a place of love and acceptance. Everyday for the next month, I will share one story, one poem, one picture of hope, of acceptance, of love. Welcome to My Loving Room.  I hope you visit me often.:)

Fire In The Sky

There is fire in the sky this morning.   She comes at the open of every morning, sometimes with a little help from the clouds to help her ease into the day. Not this morning. Appearing with her full glory, announcing her arrival.  There is no mistake.  Her energy moving through the sky, filling my spirit. It travels to my blood.  A spark within my … Read More Fire In The Sky

Still Learning

Throw the covers off.  It is morning. Feet touching the warm carpet.  Stretch from your tippy toes to your fingernails, feel your heart beat.  Gratitude for a new day. Put on clean socks, try to find ones that match.  Unless the ones that don’t match make you happy, then wear what the hell you like. Splash water on your face, brush your teeth. Look … Read More Still Learning