Fire In The Sky


There is fire in the sky this morning.


She comes at the open of every morning, sometimes with a little help from the clouds to help her ease into the day.

Not this morning.

Appearing with her full glory, announcing her arrival.  There is no mistake.  Her energy moving through the sky, filling my spirit.

It travels to my blood.  A spark within my soul.

Not apologizing for the space she takes – proud of her colors and the heat she provides.

Moving up into heavens, to take her place among the others I pointed to my baby last night.

There is Orion’s belt.  There is Cassiopeia’s “M”.

She is strong, being the sole star in her occupation.  She is reliant.  And only shows her beauty for a moment, before ascending into the sky to do her work for the day.

And I notice her.  Thank her.  And send her love for the life she gives.



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