Month: March 2016

Bars and Numbers

  She pulls her folder out of her backpack, and then the white envelope, placing it on the kitchen counter. I see the look in her eyes. Nervousness.  Anticipation. I look at her, a reassuring smile. We see the black bars of progress, showing where she is, where she should be, what should be accomplished at this point in the year. “…using coordinating and … Read More Bars and Numbers

Day By Day

When we moved to this land, Joe went to a local nursery and purchased a few hundred saplings. I was, of course, shocked by this, not knowing how he would get them home – I pictured an eighteen-wheeler trying to maneuver our little country road. I was even more shocked when he arrived home one day with all of them in the bed of … Read More Day By Day

It’s in Our Minds…

With the help of friends and our imagination, we can go anywhere we want to go. One of my favorites. Light and Love, Seja