Day By Day

When we moved to this land, Joe went to a local nursery and purchased a few hundred saplings.

I was, of course, shocked by this, not knowing how he would get them home – I pictured an eighteen-wheeler trying to maneuver our little country road. I was even more shocked when he arrived home one day with all of them in the bed of his pickup truck.

He planted them along the borders of our property, hoping for eventual shade and quiet along our little stretch of land.

We would go out on our four-wheeler with mulch and buckets of water, tending to them the best we could to ensure they would thrive.  Most of them are doing great, some not so much.  Then I noticed this big guy:



This big guy – a relative term – stands about two feet tall, about six inches or so higher than the others.  I would look at him out our kitchen window when we still lived in the trailer, mostly because he was directly in my line of sight.  Back then he was always about the same size as the others next to him.

Then, when I went outside last week, I noticed the second little branch coming out of the ground next to him.  And I smiled.

We all have stories inside our heads, whether they are about others or ourselves and our current situations.

I have my story about this tree.  A couple actually.

He was doing well, growing just as he should, when this other little sprout came along and peeked his head out of the ground.  When he noticed this, he thought, I really better get growing – he’ll need someone to look up to, someone to protect him from the harsh winds that blow along this ridge.  So he grew and grew and the little one thrived because of him.

That was one story.

I like the next one better.

The big tree was growing along fine when he noticed the little sprout peek its head out of the ground.  And the little sprout said to the big guy, we are in this together, you and I.  I am here to support you, share my water with you, share my nutrients with you, and I won’t leave your side.  And I know you are with me, too – and if I need anything, I’ll let you know.  They enjoy the sunlight, soak up the rain, and rough the winds together.

And they both flourished, and continue their climb to the sky, each day knowing if they can’t do another inch, it’s okay, because they aren’t alone.


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