Month: July 2016

Show ’em What You’re Made Of

So, it’s not a far stretch to say there are points in my life when I would have been okay with him moving thousands of miles away. I guess it probably started when we were about three and five.  Coming home with stones in my pants, fat upper lips, and chains off of bicycles, I was pretty used to the normal 1980’s treatment of … Read More Show ’em What You’re Made Of

Voting for Love

  I love so much, so many things about this country. (Cue Lee Greenwood:)). I looked out the window while at work today.  Bees and butterflies – they were everywhere – pollinating the flowers and vegetables in my garden.  I love having fresh vegetables and fruit and am so grateful we have them.  I know bees are starting to be around less and less … Read More Voting for Love

Nervous Breakdown

So running a business isn’t easy. In fact, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I mean, second to raising kids.  But now that my littles aren’t so little anymore and can do some things around the house for themselves, like make themselves lunch (consisting of fruit snacks and butter knives dipped in Nutella), running a business is close to the top. It is … Read More Nervous Breakdown

A Reason Why

The coops were dry, and the girls have learned that the waterers don’t fill themselves. The rain beginning to fall, the work continuing until it’s finished. Filling the five gallon bucket so the chickens have plenty of water for some time, it can be a challenge for an 11-year-old body to carry it back to the coop. As she makes her way back to the thirsty hens … Read More A Reason Why