Month: October 2016


Bringing Decency Back, Election Season and All

I remember, he was in the the fourth grade and was nine years old.  The public school system in Geneva, Illinois offered evening etiquette classes and my parents registered my brother.  For five evenings, he went to one of the local schools and learned how to sit at a table, which fork to use, how to dance.  All families were invited the last evening … Read More Bringing Decency Back, Election Season and All

On Enough

The cream almost empty, but the jiggling of the carton proves enough for morning coffee. The broken shoelace, but if removed from one eyelet, enough to tie for a run before buying new. The market flowers lovely, but the wild ones by the side of the road fill my pitcher. The tiny hole in the toiletry bag, with a quick whipstitch is made whole … Read More On Enough