Where your treasure is…

Living with intention.  Living in the present.  Your authentic life.  Living your best life.  Thanks mostly to Oprah, these phrases have become a central part of our culture.  I admit, though, that these phrases just all seemed kind of abstract to me, not sure how to really apply them in a way that could actually change my life.

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Our Journey

The conversation happened before our first child was even born, 14 years ago.

One of our first arguments as a married couple and it was about money.

The conversation started out positively, going well, trying to get on the same page about our finances and where we were going.  Joe was super focused about paying off our sizable student loan debt, whereas I was more “…it’s at a low interest rate and student loan debt is good debt…”. Continue reading “Our Journey”


The Pull of the Imagined Life

As a pre-teen, growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, my friends and I would walk to our small downtown after school.  We would ride our bikes, grab a slice of pizza, and go to various stores to look around.  I can’t remember many of the details of the shops we would frequent, but there is one that’s stayed with me – a children’s clothing store.  Specifically, the baby area of the children’s clothing store.  My friend and I would go in, look at the baby clothes and actually pick out clothes for our future, still-imaginary children. (I know.)  I am embarrassed to admit this and the fact that I thought the annoyed looks of the sales clerks and the “ohmygodyouareecrazy” looks on our male friends’ faces had nothing to do with us.

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Saving Instead

Money.  I think it really all changed for me when the paycheck stopped being directly deposited.  No more magical appearance of funds into my checking account twice a month.  I say ‘magical’ – it wasn’t like I didn’t work for the money that appeared, but it was abstract.  I would go to my sales job, have my conversations, review and prepare, put in the effort, and money would be deposited every other week into my account.  It is the upside to having a salaried job.  Then the transition to running my small business full time.  That is really when everything changed. Continue reading “Saving Instead”


Boundaries for the Beeps

(Fresh from the snow, rosy-cheeked girls after being kicked off a myriad of technology.)

I remember reading an article recently about how the world of iPhones and smartphones of all kinds were changing our minds.   How people that were developing the actual software used on smartphones were pulling back from what they had created when they realized how addictive all of it was.  Of course, I read this on my phone. Continue reading “Boundaries for the Beeps”


A Few Short Years In

The country roads where we live are filled with hills and turns.  In the summer, it’s common to find yourself behind a large tractor, one you can’t see past to know if he might be turning off any time soon.  So you sit back behind the steering wheel and relax, figuring you might as well enjoy where you are since you have little control of what’s in front of you.

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This Life

This Life.

This hour
This breath
This space between lungs + sky + sun.
Open for the
There for the seeking,
the asking,
the searching.

And whosoever chooses
to come up from the water.
To open their eyes

And live.


The 4-H Fair and a Series of Fortunate Events


If you enjoy short sleeve plaid button-up shirts, then the fair is the place for you.

Aah, the 4-H fair.  If you’ve been to one as a spectator, as a fried-food connoisseur, or as a ride-goer, then the fair is always something to look forward to, something that is pure childlike fun.  If you are a 4-H’er, then you know this time of year as something a little different.  It’s the time when your work of the past few months culminates into one day.    It can be a tough week.  But to say it’s just a tough week would be drastically selling it short.  I would personally call this week, more than that…I would call it…magical.

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Make America Empathetic Again

Situations like this always remind me of Cadbury Eggs.

I love chocolate, candy, sweets in general, but the Cadbury Egg has always held a special place in my heart.  For a long time, I was convinced that it was just the overwhelming deliciousness of ‘The Egg’ (as it will be referred to moving forward) that made me love it as much as I do.  But in the recent past, I’ve discovered that’s not it – it’s the fact that I only have a certain amount of time each year to enjoy The Egg.  The fact that this treat is only available for a small portion of the spring is what makes it such an extra special delicacy.  Put into one word, scarcity is on what this love is based. Continue reading “Make America Empathetic Again”